How does your organ works with other systems to keep the body healthy?

How does your organ works with other systems to keep the body healthy?

Just as the organs in an organ system work together to accomplish their task, so the different organ systems also cooperate to keep the body running. For example, the respiratory system and the circulatory system work closely together to deliver oxygen to cells and to get rid of the carbon dioxide the cells produce.

Which two organ system are working together?

Two systems that work very closely together are our cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The cardiovascular system includes your heart and blood vessels, which function to remove deoxygenated blood from and return oxygenated blood throughout your body.

Which organ systems work together to keep your body cool by perspiring?

When the body temperature rises, the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the eccrine sweat glands to secrete water to the skin surface, where it cools the body by evaporation.

What two body systems work together to support the body and enable it to move?

In the musculoskeletal system, the muscular and skeletal systems work together to support and move the body. The bones of the skeletal system serve to protect the body’s organs, support the weight of the body, and give the body shape.

What part of the body helps you stand up?

Your bones help you stand up straight. Your bones protect important organs. Your brain is protected by your skull, and your rib cage protects your lungs and heart.

How does the body’s organ systems work together?

They all work together to bring oxygen into and remove carbon dioxide from the lungs. This is done in order to make sure oxygen is available for every part of the body and that carbon dioxide does not build up in the body. Do you see the connection yet? The blood vessels bring deoxygenated blood into the right side of the heart.

How does Your Body Keep your organs healthy?

While hydration keeps your blood vessels open to help blood travel freely, dehydration can make your blood thicker and more difficult for your organs to detoxify. Natural sources of sugar such as fresh fruit are easier than refined sugars for your body to metabolize without overwhelming your organs.

How are the organs of an organism interdependent?

Organ systems are groups of organs that work together to accomplish a set of functions for the organism. Organ systems are interdependent, meaning they depend on each other in order to function. The root system and shoot system of flowering plants: the shoot system gets the light for photosynthesis and transports food between the two systems.

How does the heart work with other systems do keep the body healthy?

It works with the endocrine system to move insulin throughout your body in the blood it pumps. It also sends blood down to the lungs (respiratory system) to be oxygenated and then back up to your heart to be pumped through out the body to provide energy for your body to perform functions like move and digest food. Does that help? Wiki User