How does playing video games affect your health?

How does playing video games affect your health?

Also, video games have replaced physical activities such as sports, which also leads to an increase in body mass index. Another serious health issue that needs to be tackled is the increase in the number of body deformities caused by excessive sitting and playing video games.

What are the most common concerns about video games?

Some of the common concerns many parents have about video games include: 1 Amount of Play Time 2 Age-Appropriateness 3 Health and Obesity 4 Addiction 5 Safety Concerns 6 Violence, Aggression and Misbehavior More …

Are there health risks from too much gaming?

While gaming can be a fun distraction or hobby (and is even becoming a competitive sport on many college campuses), there are health risks that come from too much gaming. What are these harms, and what can be done about them?

Is it safe to play video games at home?

PMCID: PMC558687 PMID: 16020833 Video games and health Video gaming is safe for most players and can be useful in health care Mark Griffiths, professor of gambling studies Author informationCopyright and License informationDisclaimer

How do video games cause health problems?

Some health problems caused by video games include: impulsivity, sudden and/or unexplained weight loss or weight gain, poor personal hygiene, lack of communication, social isolation and/or irregular sleep patterns. In some cases, a video game addiction can lead to compulsive gambling. One of the health problems caused by video games may be seizures.

What are the health risks of video games?

Some health problems caused by video games include: inattention, sleep irregularities (sleeping too much and/or insomnia), anxiety (fearfulness), excessive anger and rage and/or social phobias.

Why video games are healthy?

Games help challenge and improve our brains…. One major reason why video games are good for your health is that they’re constantly challenging your skills. You have to use your problem-solving skills and figure out for yourself how you’re going to master a level or beat a boss.