How does Mattie change in Fever 1793?

How does Mattie change in Fever 1793?

As the fever starts taking its toll on Philadelphia, Matilda’s life is changed for the worse. She’s confronted with a series of illnesses and deaths in the novel, each bringing her more and more pain. She watches him die on the floor of the ransacked coffeehouse.

What is Mattie’s age in Fever 1793?

Mattie is the fourteen-year-old protagonist in Fever, 1793. Her full name is Matilda Cook.

What happened Chapter 5 Fever 1793?

Several days pass while Mattie works as a scullery maid in the family coffeehouse. Rumors of fever spread and dozens of people in the city die from illness. Cook considers sending Mattie to the country to live with some friends in case the fever becomes prevalent, but Mattie does not want to go. …

What does Mattie find at the end of Chapter 20?

She finds the words “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want,” and begins to read in a clear voice. Soon other voices join in, some men wiping their eyes by the end. Mattie thanks them, returns the book, and walks away.

What is the name of the little girl Mattie finds?

Nell. Nell is the orphan girl Matilda finds in the streets of Philadelphia and takes in as her own…

Why is Matilda’s mother hesitant to send her to the market in Chapter 5?

Why is Matilda’s mom hesitant to send her to the market in Chapter 5? She thinks Matilda will buy candy. She thinks Matilda will get lost. She doesn’t want Matilda near Nathaniel.

Who did Mattie find hiding on the street?

Mattie was able to find a few hidden strings of green beans, four stunted crook neck squash that had been nibbled on by mice, and a few sour cherries.

Why does Mattie feel like a turncoat?

Mattie cries but is happy to see her. Mattie says, “I feel like a turncoat, a traitor.” A turncoat is a historical reference to someone who switches political sides, like Benedict Arnold in the American Revolution. Why does Mattie feel like a turncoat? She is taking Nell to the orphan house.

How did Mattie’s mother die in Fever 1793?

Does Mattie’s mother died in Fever 1793? September 2nd, 1793 Mother is, thankfully, not dead, so Grandfather and Mattie move her inside and put her in bed. Grandfather insists that she simply fainted from the heat, but Matilda can tell something is really, really wrong. About Us.

Where does Mattie cook live in the book Fever?

Mattie lives with her mother, Lucille Cook, who runs a Philadelphia coffeehouse. She also lives with her grandfather, Captain William Farnsworth Cook, a Revolutionary War veteran. Mattie feels trapped there and longs for freedom.

Why does Mattie want to be an adult in fever?

For much of the novel, Mattie has focused on yearning to be an adult, and to feel strong and powerful. In the absence of her family, Mattie admits that she is still very much a child and needs a sense of community. For everything there is a season, remember?

What happens to Mattie and grandfather in yellow fever?

She often daydreams of opening an entire city block’s worth of businesses, including a dry goods store, a restaurant, and an apothecary. After Lucille gets yellow fever, Mattie and Grandfather flee to the countryside, but Mattie is forced to fend for them both when Grandfather develops heart trouble.

How old is Mattie Cook in Fever 1793?

Fever 1793 Summary The novel begins in August 1793, in the city of Philadelphia. Mattie Cook is a 14-year-old girl who lives with her mother and grandfather and helps them to run a thriving coffeehouse business.

What happens to Mattie in the book Fever?

Later, back in Philadelphia, Mattie is left alone when Grandfather dies and Mother has not yet returned from Mrs. Ludington ’s. She grows more independent as she survives on her own, taking in an orphan, Nell, and assisting Eliza with relief work.

Why was Mattie’s mother so anxious to have the tea with the Ogilvies?

Why was Mattie’s mother so anxious to have the tea with the Ogilvies? Do you think these two families will ever be close friends in Philadelphia society? 2. Americans in 1793 did not know that mosquitos were the source of yellow fever. Complete the graphic organizer examining the proposed causes of the yellow fever.

How did Eliza and Mattie survive yellow fever?

For a time, this arrangement works, but then the three young children all contract yellow fever. Eliza and Mattie bring them back to the coffeehouse and nurse them there. Miraculously, all three children survive, and when the temperatures drop and the frosts start to appear, the disease begins to wane.