How does intellectual disability affect families?

How does intellectual disability affect families?

The majority of this research has involved maternal well-being with a consensus that raising a child with intellectual disabilities increases stress levels, negatively affects family functioning, and increases depression. These findings are increased if the child has coexisting behavioral problems.

What are the characteristics of a child with mental retardation?

Developmental Characteristics Related to Level of Mental Retardation (DSM-IV Criteria)

Mild retardation Moderate retardation
Slow in all areas Noticeable delays, especially in speech
May have no unusual physical signs May have some unusual physical signs
Can acquire practical skills Can learn simple communication

How can I help my child with mental retardation?

Steps to help your intellectually disabled child include:

  1. Learn everything you can about intellectual disabilities.
  2. Encourage your child’s independence.
  3. Get your child involved in group activities.
  4. Stay involved.
  5. Get to know other parents of intellectually disabled children.

How does mental retardation affect a child’s social development?

This study 4) shows that as the level of mental retardation increases, social development decreases correspondingly. There was no impact of the age factor on the social development of mentally retarded children. Social development means acquisition of the ability to behave in accordance with social expectations.

How to diagnose a child with mental retardation?

A health practitioner will first rule out any hearing or neurological disorders and may perform imaging tests to look for structural problems in the brain. If the child struggles with adaptive behaviors, like communication, interactions, and self-care, and has a low IQ, a diagnosis of mental is likely.

Is there such a thing as mental retardation?

In 1992, the AAMR published a definition of mental retardation that reflected a new view of the condition, not as a mental illness or even a medical disorder but as a state of functioning that begins in childhood and is characterized by limitation in both intelligence and adaptive skills. “Mental retardation is not a disease,” says Coulter.

How does mental illness affect your ability to be a parent?

“ [Mental illness] does have an impact on our ability to parent,” says Chaya Kulkarni, director of Infant Mental Health at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. “If we’re not emotionally available to our child, especially young children, we are going to miss their cues that say, ‘Hey, I need you to be my mom right now.’”

What are the signs of mental retardation?

Individuals with mental retardation may possess distinguishable facial features. Memory problems and short attention spans are common signs of mental retardation.

What is the most common intellectual disability?

The most common causes of intellectual disability are: Genetic conditions. These include things like Down syndrome and fragile X syndrome. Problems during pregnancy. Things that can interfere with fetal brain development include alcohol or drug use, malnutrition, certain infections, or preeclampsia.

What are the levels of intellectual disabilities?

The types of intellectual disabilities are actually different levels of severity, which differ by IQ score . These levels include mild, moderate, severe and profound intellectual disability.

What causes intellectual disabilities?

Intellectual disability causes include genetic disorders, infections and other physical traumas.