How does a liquid thermometer work for temperature?

How does a liquid thermometer work for temperature?

The precision of this method varies by the liquid used, but all use the fact that when most liquids are heated, they expand. Common types of liquid thermometers use mercury, toluene or less toxic biodegradable liquids. The thermal expansion of liquids in normal temperatures is generally slight, but is fully sufficient for liquid thermometers.

Why is mercury used in liquid in glass thermometer?

Mercury was/is used not only because of the wide temperature range (theoretically applicable from -39 °C to 357 °C) but also because mercury hardly wets the glass tube. The capillarity is therefore lower and the temperature can be displayed and read off more accurately.

Is it safe to use liquid in glass thermometer?

Reading temperature via liquid-in-glass thermometers call for brilliant eyesight. Liquid element contained in a glass thermometer may be perilous or risky to health owing to their potential chemical spills. These thermometers display temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit scales.

What kind of food thermometer do you need?

These are the oldest types of food thermometers. They consist of a colored liquid in a calibrated glass tube. The thermometer is placed in the food before putting the food in the oven. As the food cooks, the temperature is read from the calibrated glass case.

What is the red stuff in a thermometer?

  • alcohol-based liquid and is marked with both a Celsius scale (left) and a Fahrenheit scale (right).
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  • Electronic thermometers.
  • Measuring extreme temperatures.
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    What’s inside a thermometer?

    The glass tube of a thermometer usually contains mercury. Mercury is perfect to test temperature because it changes from a solid to liquid very easily. When the metal tip of the thermometer comes into contact with the material it is testing, it conducts heat energy to the mercury. The mercury turns into liquid and so it expands.

    What are the uses of thermometer?

    Uses of thermometer. As we established, the main use of thermometer is to measure temperature. You can measure the temperature of many things to get useful information about your surroundings and yourself.

    What are the types of thermometers?

    There are many types of thermometers, but some common thermometers are laboratory thermometer, clinical thermometer, thermocouple, Bimetallic strip thermometer, Pyrometers, etc. Some substances have the property that changes with temperature. Substances that show a change in temperature can be used as a thermometric material.