How do you treat a broken finger?

How do you treat a broken finger?

Treatment. Temporary splinting, ice, and pain control are helpful supportive treatments. Make a splint to immobilize your finger even if that means putting a popsicle stick or pen next to it and wrapping something around the stick and your finger. Apply ice to the injured finger as you head to an emergency department.

What to do with a broken finger tip?

Here’s how to treat a finger tip injury, depending on the severity: Dressing (a gauze wrapping or tape): Dressings can treat more minor finger tip injuries, such as when just the skin is affected or if there is a small amount of bone exposed. Splints or metal pins: These can be used if you’re suffering from a broken finger tip.

What can a doctor do for a broken thumb?

Treatments for a broken finger or thumb. A doctor or nurse might: try to straighten your finger – they’ll give you an injection of local anaesthetic to numb the pain. put your finger in a splint or cast, or strap it to another finger to keep it in position.

Can a broken finger be treated with a splint?

Taping the fractured finger to an adjacent intact finger may treat a stable fracture. Unstable fractures require immobilization. After your doctor aligns the fracture, or reduces it, they can apply a splint.

What kind of surgery do you need for a broken finger?

If the fracture is severe, you may need surgery to stabilize the broken bone. Your doctor may recommend open reduction surgery. The surgeon will make a small cut on your finger so she can see the fracture and move the bone. In some cases, the surgeon may use small wires or plates and screws to keep the bone in place and allow it to heal properly.

What to do if broken finger didnt heal properly?

Method 2 of 4: Treating the Finger on the Way to the Doctor Download Article Apply ice to the finger. Wrap the ice in a towel and apply it to the finger on your way to the emergency room. Make a splint. A splint will keep your finger elevated and hold it in place. Try to remove any rings or jewelry. If possible, try to slide off any rings on your finger before the finger swells. Take acetaminophen (Tylenol) to treat the pain.

How do you heal a broken finger?

Treatment for a finger fracture typically involves realigning, or setting, the bone and immobilizing it with a splint or cast. A finger fracture, or broken finger can take up to six weeks to heal, but this recovery process is typically uneventful and uncomplicated.

What are signs that you broke your finger?

When in doubt, get it checked out. The signs of a broken finger are: swelling, bruising, pain, stiffness, numbness, tingling, and increased pain with range of motion after an injury.

How do I know if I broke my finger?

Recognizing the Signs of a Broken Finger Check for pain and tenderness. The first sign of a fractured finger is pain. Check for swelling and bruising. After sustaining a fracture to your finger, you will notice acute pain that is followed by swelling or bruising. Look for deformity or inability to move the finger.