How do you tell if you have fractured your finger?

How do you tell if you have fractured your finger?

In the meantime, here are five signs your finger might be broken.

  1. Immediate Pain. The most tell-tale symptom of a broken finger is immediate pain after the injury.
  2. There’s Still Some Movement.
  3. Bruising And Swelling.
  4. Stiff Fingers.
  5. Exposed Bone.
  6. The Wrist.
  7. The Palm.
  8. The Fingers.

How long can a jarred finger last for?

Most of the time a jammed finger will get better on its own within a week or two. But even with treatment, your finger may stay swollen or sensitive for many months. During recovery, try to use the finger as little as possible while it heals.

Did I jar or break my finger?

If it’s a broken or fractured finger: If the finger is fractured, the swelling will last for days. In addition, it may extend to parts of the hand surrounding the finger. The area will also bruise, giving the finger a bluish or purple hue. The finger may also look slightly deformed or out of place.

Can a person hold an object with a broken finger?

Lifting or Gripping Objects- Patient is unable to lift or grip the hand or finger because of pain and restricted flexion as well as extension of injured finger. Patient may be able to hold object with pain if fracture is of fingertip or distal phalanx fracture.

What does it mean when your finger is broken?

When a finger is fractured, the bone has lost its integrity. Depending on the severity of the impact, a fractured finger could mean that it has a hairline crack or a completely shattered bone. A finger bone can become broken in many ways, though it generally occurs after some type of trauma or accident.

What should I do if I Break my Finger?

To diagnose a broken finger, your orthopedic doctor will need to perform multiple tests. The most common test that can show a broken finger is an X-ray. An X-ray will help the doctor evaluate the situation and the position of the broken bone in the finger. What Should You Do if You Break Your Finger?

How long should a broken finger be immobilized?

Buddy taping should stay for about four weeks, then two more weeks of not using your finger. If you have an unstable fracture, then your finger will need to be immobilized. You might need a split after reduction which is when the fractured fragments are re-aligned.