How do you start ear gauges?

How do you start ear gauges?

How to Start Stretching Your Ears | Ear Stretching Gauging

  1. Step One: Pierce Your Ears.
  2. Step Two: Gather Your Supplies.
  3. Step Three: Stretch Your Ears!
  4. Step Four: Let the Stretch Heal.
  5. Step Five: Repeat.
  6. Step Six: Cleaning and Care.

Can you stretch your ears by pulling on them?

Pulling is a manual way to stretch and can be helpful in loosening tight skin. GENTLE pulling on healed ears to help stretch them slowly can be effective when moving up one size at a time.

Why can’t you use Vaseline to stretch your ears?

Why is it not recommended to use Vaseline? Vaseline is very thick. It will not allow your ears to breathe properly and there is the potential for a buildup of bacteria. Just make sure you clean your tapers and your ears on a daily basis so you don’t get an infection.

How long does it take to stretch ears to 00?

Of course you should always listen to your body and if you’re struggling to fit the taper through or stretch you should wait for further healing. Following this process it would take roughly two years to get to 00 gauge this way.

Why are my stretched ears crusty?

Why do my stretched ears get crusty? If you just had your body pierced and you start to notice a crusty material around the piercing site, don’t worry. Crusting after body piercing is perfectly normal—this is just the result of your body trying to heal itself.

Can I use Vaseline as lube for ear stretching?

Lubricant will make the taper super slick, so it will slide through easy. Lubricants make a stretch easier. While you’re out getting a new taper, get some Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil or GaugeGear Stretching Balm (Neosporin and Vaseline are not good lubes for ear stretching).

Should I sleep with my gauges in?

I recommend you sleep with your plugs in your ears. Sleeping without them can cause irritation, dryness, and cracking. (This could just be my preference.) Once your ears completely heal, purchase a pair of wood plugs.

How can I stretch my ear with silicone?

Rub a tiny bit of the antibacterial ointment around the silicone tunnel. (Not too much, or it’ll be very slippery and hard to hold.) 5. Bend the plug in half, and work it into your ear. Once it is in, it will (generally)stay bent in half. 6.

What’s the best way to stretch your ear lobes?

Use thicker silicone to stretch, and then use the Kaos earskins to wear as normal plugs. Again, keep your ears clean, and to keep them soft and healthy, use an antibacterial ointment, and your lobes should be set! YOUR STUPID!

What’s the best way to stretch ear plugs?

If you’ve been waiting forever, and they still won’t go in, try using Teflon tape, also known as PTFE tape, or bondage tape. Once you get to the larger sizes (1/2 in. and up), there should be a noticeable space between your plug and ear when you pull on the plug. I usually have to use bondage tape between sizes.

What’s the easiest way to stretch ear piercings?

Tapered claws or talons are used to slowly push through your piercing, much like regular tapers, but are created to be worn as jewelry. Tapered claws are usually the easiest and least painful method of stretching because they involve less inserting and removing. Clean your ears with antibacterial soap twice a day.

After you have the tape, get a single flare plug/tunnel of your current size, and wrap the tape around the wearable part of the jewelry at least 2 times to ensure it won’t come unwrapped. Rub vitamin E oil onto your lobes and onto the plug, so it will slide in your piercing easier.

What’s the best way to stretch an ear piercing?

If you are going to stretch your own piercings, be sure to wash your hands with hot water and a liquid, antibacterial soap. If you are just starting to stretch from a fully healed standard ear piercing hole, then start with a 1.6 or 2mm taper. Push it in as far as it will easily go, then give it another slight twist and push, then stop.

What kind of taper do you use to stretch your ears?

A taper or stretcher is a shape that gently expands the hole as you push it into the ear. What shape is up to you. Some people prefer straight tapers, others circular or spiral tapers.

How big should my ear plugs be when stretching?

When you start stretching your ears, you will most commonly get a 14 gauge piercing size. Once you decide on stretching you’ll then increase to a size 12 gauge (2mm) taper. If you’ve had pierced ears for some time you may find that you’ve already stretched your ears slightly.