How do you get a white blood cell count?

How do you get a white blood cell count?

To carry out a white blood cell count, a doctor will draw a blood sample, usually from a vein in the arm or the back of the hand. This is a common procedure, and side effects are rare, but may include lightheadedness, bleeding or infection.

How are white blood cells important to the body?

How Do White Blood Cells Help Us? White blood cells protect our body from infections by ingesting foreign particles and cellular debris. These cells also facilitate the production of antibodies and help destroy infectious agents as well as cancer cells. Fluctuations in the number of white blood cells can occur due to several reasons.

What should you do if your white blood cell count is low?

Low White Blood Cell Count Not Always a Sign of Medical Problem. A truly low white blood cell count also puts you at higher risk for infections — typically bacterial infections. But viral infections also may be a concern. To help reduce your infection risk, your doctor may suggest you wear a face mask and avoid anyone with a cold or other illness.

How can I keep my white blood cells healthy?

One of the best ways to stay healthy and cold-free is by eating a variety of immune-boosting foods and leading a healthy lifestyle. Now and then you go to the doctors and have your blood taken for a check-up.

What do you need to know about your white blood cells?

In particular, your white blood cell (“WBC”) count can provide vital intelligence about your wellness. Here are five important things to know about your white blood cell count. 1. Your blood contains five types of white blood cells. When you talk about your “immune system,” you are referring to your white blood cells.

Is it good to have a high white blood cell count?

Medications that may alter the results of a white blood cell count include: Note, this does not mean you should stop taking these prescriptions unless your doctor gives you specific instructions to do so. Since white blood cells help fight disease, viruses, and infections, you may assume that an elevated white blood cell count is a good thing.

How to increase white blood cell count naturally?

Therefore, omega- 3 fatty acids are also among the best tips on how to increase white blood cell count naturally that should be noticed. You are advised to add these healthy acids to your daily diet to get a healthy immune system. 7. How To Increase White Blood Cell Count – Carotenoids

Why do some people have lower white blood cells than others?

For example, African-Americans tend to have lower white blood cell counts than Caucasians. It’s also not uncommon for young Caucasian women to have white blood cell counts that fall slightly below the normal reference ranges. Talk to your doctor about how individual factors may affect your white blood cell levels.