How did Fiona Wood get to Australia?

How did Fiona Wood get to Australia?

Fiona Wood was born in a Yorkshire mining village in England in 1958. Wood completed her internship and residency at several hospitals in London before immigrating to Australia in 1987. She then took up a registrar position in plastic surgery at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth.

What sort of childhood did Fiona Wood have?

Fiona Wood was born in a Yorkshire mining village in 1958, the third child and first daughter in a family of four. Her father was a miner and her mother a youth worker and teacher. Wood studied medicine at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, graduating in 1981, after which she undertook general surgery training.

Why is Fiona Wood famous?

Fiona Wood, in full Fiona Melanie Wood, (born February 2, 1958, Hernsworth, Yorkshire, England), British-born Australian plastic surgeon who invented “spray-on skin” technology for use in treating burn victims. Wood was raised in a mining village in Yorkshire.

How many people has Fiona Wood saved?

28 patients
Professor Fiona Wood came to prominence for her pioneering plastic surgery work with Bali bombing victims, when she led a courageous Royal Perth Hospital team and saved 28 patients from shocking burns and infection.

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Where did Fiona Wood do most of her research?

A clinical trial is planned at Queen Victoria Hospital, England. Wood was voted the most-trusted Australian in a Reader’s Digest poll for six successive years from 2005 to 2010. She is an Australian Living Treasure. In 2005, Wood won the Western Australia Citizen of the Year award for her contribution to Medicine in the field of burns research.

When did Fiona Woods become a plastic surgeon?

She became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1990. Wood became a consultant plastic surgeon in 1991 and her interests focused on burns care and reconstruction. Also in 1991 she became the director of the Burn Service of Western Australia.

When did Fiona Wood move to Western Australia?

Wood worked at a major British hospital before marrying Western Australian born surgeon Tony Kierath and migrating to Perth with their first two children in 1987. She completed her training in plastic surgery between having four more children.

What did Fiona Wood do in the Bali bombings?

Fiona Wood headed the burns unit at Royal Perth hospital. She and her team of sixty treated 28 victims of the Bali Bombings over that terrible week in 2002. She was Australian of the Year in 2005. Distinguished Australians; all those Australians who 10 years ago distinguished themselves.