How did diseases spread in the trenches in World War 1?

How did diseases spread in the trenches in World War 1?

Trench foot was another disease that spread to the soldiers in the Trenches. This disea se was caused by the cold and wet conditions. For a long time the soldiers would stand in puddles of rain and of their own waste. This caused their feet to numb and swell up. A source says, ” If you have never had trench foot described to you, I will explain.

What kind of diseases did soldiers get in World War 1?

Sediment samples from the abdominal cavity of the soldiers were rehydrated, sieved and examined for the presence of intestinal helminth eggs. Two of the 3, a 20 year old soldier and a 35 year old sergeant, were infected with a range of helminths including Ascaris, Trichuris, Capillaria and Taenia spp.

Why did soldiers get dysentery in the trenches?

Dysentery. Due to the poor sanitation and the irregular supply of drinking water in the trenches, soldiers suffered from Dysentery. They had to get their water either from melted snow and water from shell-holes. This unsanitary drinking water caused bacterial infections in the soldiers’ intestines.

How did the trenches affect the soldiers in the trenches?

To avoid ammunition, the soldiers could not shoot the rats. They tried shooing away the rats and attacking them with their bayonets in order to avoid diseases and infections, such as “Wiel’s Disease”. Another problem that greatly affected the health conditions of the soldier in the trenches is, The Trench Influenza. Lice caused this Influenza.

What diseases did trench warfare cause?

With soldiers fighting in close proximity in the trenches, usually in unsanitary conditions, infectious diseases such as dysentery, cholera and typhoid fever were common and spread rapidly. Constant exposure to wetness caused trench foot, a painful condition in which dead tissue spread across one or both feet,…

What diseases were common during World War 1?

Trench foot, trench fever, typhoid and influenza are the diseases that were around in World War 1. Most diseases made the soldiers very sick. However influenza and typhoid proved to be the deadliest diseases.

What is trench disease?

Trench fever (also known as “five-day fever”, “quintan fever” ( febris quintana in Latin ), and “urban trench fever”) is a moderately serious disease transmitted by body lice. It infected armies in Flanders, France, Poland, Galicia , Italy, Salonika , Macedonia , Mesopotamia , Russia and Egypt in World War I.