How can I stop my angular cheilitis from getting worse?

How can I stop my angular cheilitis from getting worse?

You can also use home treatments to treat your angular cheilitis, including:

  1. using lip balm regularly to prevent chapped lips.
  2. applying petroleum jelly or coconut oil to the corners of your mouth, which can form a barrier from saliva.

Is angular cheilitis self limiting?

Angular cheilitis is sometimes a self-limited condition and then the treatment consists of symptomatic management. This includes the timely and frequent moisturization of the lips, with ointments, to avoid lip licking and minimize skin maceration.

What does it mean if you have angular cheilitis?

Therefore, this disease becomes a real concern of many people. Angular cheilitis is an inflammation that usually affects the angular of the mouth. Basically, this disease occurs due to salivary fungal and bacteria stuck in the angular mouth for too long.

Why do I lick my lips with angular cheilitis?

The skin folds around the mouth retain saliva, facilitating the formation and development of angular cheilitis. Smoking causes dry mouth. This makes you often lick your lips.

Can a vitamin B deficiency cause angular cheilitis?

As the body’s immune system weakens, they begin to act, causing angular cheilitis. Vitamin B deficiency, especially vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin) and vitamin B3, is one of the causes of this disease. This vitamin has anti-inflammatory properties.

What can cause herpes labialis and angular cheilitis?

Other conditions (such as herpes labialis and erosive lichen planus) can cause symptoms similar to angular cheilitis. To be sure of the cause, your doctor might swab the corners of your mouth and your nose and send it to a lab to see what kinds of bacteria or fungi might be there.

What are the treatments for cheilitis?

Treatment of angular cheilitis is usually undertaken with topical antifungals such as nystatin, clotrimazole, or econazole. Combinations of a topical antifungal and a topical steroid – such as Mycostatin® and triamcinolone or iodoquinol and hydrocortisone – may also be prescribed.

What causes blisters on the corner of the mouth?

Eczema is a chronic skin infection that can lead to sores in the corners of the mouth. Eczema can lead to dry chapped lips that can develop sore and blisters. This condition can occur due to immune disorders that cause the inflammation of the skin.

What is cheilitis mouth?

Cheilitis is inflammation of the lips. This inflammation may include the perioral skin (the skin around the mouth), the vermilion border, or the labial mucosa.