Can I stop taking Concor 5mg?

Can I stop taking Concor 5mg?

As mentioned earlier it’s not safe to simply stop taking bisoprolol medication because it can have a profound effect on your heart and blood pressure and may be dangerous, even if reduced gradually.

How long does Concor last?

Bisoprolol reaches its maximal effect 3-4 hours after oral administration. As a result of its half-life of 10-12 hours bisoprolol has a 24-hour effect. The maximal antihypertensive effect of bisoprolol is generally reached after 2 weeks.

What happens when you stop taking bisoprolol?

What will happen if I stop taking it? Talk to your doctor if you want to stop taking bisoprolol. Stopping bisoprolol can make your blood pressure rise, and this may increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

What is Concor 5mg used for?

Concor 5mg Tablet 10’s is an antihypertensive drug that is used in the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure), angina pectoris (chest pain with painful tightness in the chest), arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats). It protects the heart in the early treatment after myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Is Concor good for heart?

Concor COR 2.5 Tablet helps lower your blood pressure and make it easier for your heart to pump blood around your body. This reduces the chances of you having a heart attack. It can also reduce the risk of dying if it is given immediately after a heart attack.

What is the best time to take Concor?

Concor 5 Tablet can be taken anytime in the morning or evening, usually prescribed once daily. However, your very first dose of Concor 5 Tablet may make you feel dizzy, so it is better to take your first dose at bedtime. After that, if you do not feel dizzy, you may take it any time of the day.

What time should I take Concor 5mg?

Is Concor good for BP?

Concor 5 Tablet belongs to a group of medicines called beta-blockers. It is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension), angina (heart-related chest pain), irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmia). It also helps to prevent future heart attacks and migraines.

Can I stop Concor suddenly?

Duration of treatment for all indications: Treatment with Concor is generally a long-term therapy. Do not stop treatment abruptly or change the recommended dose without talking to the doctor first since this might lead to a transitory worsening of heart condition.