What is the Biggest and Largest Instrument in the World?

Largest Musical Instruments
Most instruments are small enough to be portable since a musician would have to carry it around when going to perform. Then again, there are some instruments which are so big they defy logic. They still play great music! Here are the top 10 biggest musical instruments in the world.

1. The Great Stalacpipe Organ

Close your eyes and imagine you are in a cave, with hundreds of stalactites all around you Then you hear clear music playing from the stalactites. The sound is all around you. This is what visitors experience in the Luray Caverns in Virginia, USA. The cave is home to the largest instrument in the world which was invented by Leland Sprinkle in 1956.

2. Carnegie Halls Flying V Guitar

The Gibson Flying V guitar in Carnegie Science Center is the world biggest playable guitar. At an outstanding 43 feet long and 16 feet across this guitar is Guinness book of records certified. It was created to be part of the exhibition, Guitar: The ‘Instrument That Rocked The World.

3. Rev. Mark Temperato’s Drum Set

Reverend Mark’s record breaking drum set has over 800 individual pieces including cowbells, cymbals, and drums among others. This drum set takes more than 17 hours of weekly maintenance. To break the Guinness world record he had set, the Reverend had to prove that he could play all pieces on the set while either standing or sitting down. However, he was not to move a single step while playing.

4. Octobass

The octobass is the biggest string instrument in the world. The three stringed instrument is mostly played by two individuals due to its size. Originally invented in France by Jean Baptiste, around the 1850’s, it has been recreated several times in the last two decades.

5. The Wanamaker Organ

The largest functioning pipe instrument in the world is the Wanamaker Organ. This organ has 28750 pipes in its current configuration and was built at the cost of $105,000, equivalent to $ 2,798,833 in today’s sums.

6. The Earth Harp

Earth HapWhen William Close played the instrument he had invented to the America’s Got Talent judges, he blew them away with his art. The Earth Harp has strings 1000 feet long and is played by using cotton gloves. It holds the Guinness world record for the longest stringed instrument in the world.

7. Giant Violin

The world’s largest violin is a staggering 14 feet long and has a 17 feet long bow. This massive instrument is played by three people, two who operate the bow while the other fingers the strings. It was made in Germany by the Vogtland Masters of Violin and bow making.

8. Hyperbaas Flute

ln the flute family, this is the record holder of for both largest size and lowest pitch. Made from PVC and wood, it has a length of
over 49 feet and only a few people in the world can play it well

9. Korean Drum

Created in Simcheon-Meon South Korea, the world’s largest drum is bigger than an African elephant. It measures 18 feet 2 inches in diameter and is 17 feet high. It is a traditional Korean drum normally known as “CheonGo.”

10. Big Carl The Tuba

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Big Carl is the world’s largest known tuba. It is taller than a man and requires at least two people to play it.

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