Welcome to the new and improved Search & Restore website! This brand new, ever-growing point of discovery for music you’ve never heard before: the improvised, the risky, the creatively personal and the personally creative. This is a platform for you to discover something new through the hours and hours of concerts we’ve filmed, the artist pages we’ve built, and the upcoming shows in New York City we’ve listed.

There is also a brand new blog, where we’ll be serving as an excited older brother, shouting from the top of a mountain about the people, places and ideas in this music that excite us.

This would not exist without the generous folks who donated to our Kickstarter project in 2010, so thank you to everyone who contributed.

Aside from this website, Search & Restore organizes concerts designed to make the artist and audience feel a part of something bigger, including co-producing the Winter Jazzfest, Undead Music, artist residencies at ShapeShifter Lab, and Nights of Improvised Round Robin Duets (the most recent presented at the Red Bull Music Academy).

If you’d like to contribute to Search & Restore, the 501©3 non-profit organization behind it all, just click the donate button. Thank you!

Search & Restore was founded in late 2007 by Adam Schatz. It has since grown into a 501©3 non-profit organization, committed to bringing the artists and audiences of new jazz and improvised music together in new ways, while never forgetting it’s DIY roots. Search & Restore is only as strong as it’s generous supporters and committed volunteer staff, so if you fit into either of those categories…thank you!

you may contact Search & Restore at SEARCHANDRESTORE (at) GMAIL . COM

Adam Schatz : Founder, Artistic Director, CEO, Janitor
Chris Miller: COO, Volunteer coordinator, Vice Janitor
Robbyn Tongue: CFO
Annika Jermyn: visual artist for this website and beyond
Jonah Parzen-Johnson- web design
Matthew Beck: Grant seeker and pursuer
Alexander Ariff- blogger
Samuel Weinberg- blogger

Brice Rosenbloom
Justin Monsen
Robbyn Tongue
Camille Oberkampf
Peter Watrous
Adam Schatz

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